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  • TedCruzInterview Link

Ted Cruz Like You’ve Never Seen. Throws Gauntlet on Obama and Refugee Crisis

This week, on Louder With Crowder, we welcome Senator Ted Cruz in an exclusive, full-length, unedited interview. Some transcript highlights below, but the video is worth a watch. This is Ted Cruz unbuttoned, uncensored, and […]

  • muslim protesters

Dear Moderate Muslims: Your Self-Pity Party Is Disgusting

Dear “Moderate” Muslims starting your pathetic post-Paris hashtags,

I’m done. If you’re looking for meaningless Instagram pictures, lit-up buildings, or memes filled with platitudes, leave now. If you’re looking for generic comments like “prayers to the […]

  • TImKennedyLWCShow

@TimKennedyMMA on Hitler, @VitorBelfort and Steroids

Tim Kennedy came on Louder with Crowder this week. He’s in Army Special Forces, current star of show Hunting Hitler,¬†and was a professional UFC fighter. Watch:


We talk Halo (which Halo is better)
Israel and Palestine, and […]

  • FirstAmendmentMadison Link2

The First Amendment: #SJW Edition

On June 7th, 1789, the night before James Madison proposed The Bill of Rights to the House of Representatives, he sat down to pen the first draft of the first amendment. The following is what […]

  • mizzou protesters

Dear Mizzou Morons: You’re ‘The Boys Who Cried Racist’

Dear Mizzou Morons and ‘The Boys Who Cried Racist,”

In a matter of days, you’ve managed to make yourselves look like the biggest crybabies the world has seen outside of the World Cup. In the time […]

  • GOPDebateToon Link3

The Real CNBC Debate: Trump vs. Carson

We all agree the CNBC debate was a disaster. Heck, even CNBC agrees that it was a disaster. Well, here’s a take which you may enjoy a little more… if not enjoy, at least you […]


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