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  • PedophileDarkBackgroundPicture

Salon.com Pedophile Calls Me Out! But Now I’ve Dug Into His Past…

Well, Todd Nickerson the pedophile has responded to the “right wing vile” backlash he got for coming out to the world as someone who’s sexually attracted to children. Sorry I’m not sorry. If you’re sexually […]

  • KarenStraughan Link

#SJW Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan

Karen Straughan of GirlWritesWhat stopped by the show this week to talk about the idiot feminists who can’t shut up long enough to listen to reason. Carefully, point-by-point, she dissected some of the most common […]

  • FeministFestival Link

#SJW Hypocrisy Exposed! Crowder Shows Up at Feminist Festival In Underwear. #GamerGate

Like Captain Kirk and Spock, Jared and I went where no man has gone before. Or should go. A space not filled with galaxies but tampons. These are the voyages of the Starship Crowder, who’s mission is to explore […]

  • CarlyMontage Link

The Most Epic Carly Fiorina Debate Montage You’ll See All Day…

Go search “Carly Fiorina” on this website. Peruse the archives of us predicting this exact moment of the GOP Debates. That Fiorina would deliver the first in a series of blows to Trump. That America […]

  • IncomeInequality

Debunking The Myth Of Widening “Income Inequality” in America…

“Equality” is the holy grail of the left, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… before the rainbow is torn down and sewn into an exclusionary hate flag. Well, maybe the pot isn’t […]

  • HarrisonGreenbaum Link

Harrison Greenbaum and Steven Crowder Debate ‘Free Speech’ in Comedy…

We had Last Comic Standing comedian Harrison Greenbaum on the show, to discuss his confrontation with Norm MacDonald and his thoughts on free speech. He requested coming on the show because we covered the controversy […]


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