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SJWs Now Want To Ban Mel Brooks Films

We’ve joked about the SJW’s coming for Mel Brooks next. We’ve poked fun at how absurd it would be to retroactively deem the king of “offensive” to be too offensive.

Enter, 2015.

In the film “The Producers,” […]

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DL Hughley Debates Steven Crowder on Race and Transgenderism

This week’s show got pretty dang intense. Firstly, I respect that DL Hughey came onto the program. He knew full well that we wouldn’t agree on much, but he came on anyway. Respect. With that […]

  • sharia

Seattle Appeases Islam With… Sharia Compliant Mortgages?!

I can’t even.

This can’t be right.
“Sharia,” which comes from the Koran and means “the right path,” prohibits the payment of interest — the primary way lenders earn. Many of Seattle’s 30,000 practicing Muslims, therefore, are […]

  • JennerRedub Link

UNEARTHED VIDEO: ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Wins The 1976 Olympics!

Unless you live on the moon, you’re well aware of ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner winning an ESPY award. Here’s the crazy thing… Caitlyn Jenner has the exact same amount of olympic medals as you or I do. […]

  • Microagression Link2

Microaggression: A Beginner’s #SJW Guide

In today’s installment of “Social Justice Warrior” dictionary, the word is “Microaggression.” Taught as a legitimate theory at Universities and tumblrs across the country, you’d think that everyone in mainstream America would know the meaning of […]

  • Newsroom Rebuttal Link

The Newsroom Rebuttal: America is Not the Greatest Country in the World?

It’s a longer watch, yes. But I felt it incredibly necessary. WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE RESPONDING. DO NOT BE AN IDIOT! For those of you who can’t be bothered, I’ve included a transcript below.




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