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  • HarryReid Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder What a week!  First Zayn Malik.  Now Harry Reid.  If only Barack Obama could be more like them… It’s no secret that Harry [...]
  • DanaStephanie Link1
    This week, Dana Loesch decided to wade into a politically incorrect firefight and interview Stephanie Crowder, the controversial figure at the center of the latest Planet [...]
  • MarkRippetoe Link
    Busy week on the Louder With Crowder show. This week we’re joined by world-famous strength coach, Mark Rippetoe, to discuss strength training and how it relates to [...]
  • PalinVsObama Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder Campaign season has officially begun!  Here’s a name not being talk about much this time around: Sarah Palin. Now, we’re not [...]
  • ObamaNotMuslim Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder We know, we know.  The man’s talked about growing up to the call to prayer, what he calls one of the sweetest sounds on earth.  He [...]
  • DanaInterview Link
    In case you missed the show this week, we’ve got you covered with a full video-cast! Lucky for you, this video happens to include the very fetching Dana Loesch. Not [...]
  • TedCruzTop5 Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder Senator Ted Cruz announced his bid for the Presidency Monday at Liberty University.  The right is divided on his candidacy – some [...]
  • ObamaVsBush Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder It’s true.  George W. Bush wasn’t the perfect President.  If we’re really honest, neither was Reagan.  Or Lincoln.  [...]
  • KiraDavis Link3
    This week on #LouderWithCrowder we’re joined by two STRONG, Conservative women. First up, Dana Loesch tells us about her upbringing as a liberal, her transition into [...]
  • SBuxVsDunkin Link
    by Krystal Heath and Steven Crowder In case you live under a rock and missed the big news this week… Starbucks has decided to start a #RaceTogether campaign… [...]


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