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  • KevinCostner Link2
    This week on the podcast we were joined by the wonder Michael Loftus and Ed Morrissey.  American Sniper, Michael Moore and Kevin Costner admitting to using the [...]
  • A Brief Reaction to Romney’s Announcement
  • O'ReillyPalin Link
    Bill O’Reilly’s at it again.  No, not the phone sex. Seems it’s not enough for this guy to report the news.  Nope, he’s got to make news by taking a [...]
  • ImamChoudary Link
    This week, we had Imam Choudary on the show.  A famous Imam and leader in the Islamic community, what you’ll hear in this full-length interview is flat-out shocking. [...]
  • BillMaher Link
    Bill Maher is one of America’s top funny men.  At least, that’s what we’re told.  So perhaps Mr. Maher should stick to comedy.  Except, he doesn’t. [...]
  • PopeFrancisFreedomOfSpeech Link
    Hi! My name’s Krystal.  I’m a born-again, Bible believing Christian.  Though I personally am an Evangelical, I have great respect for both the Pope and the [...]
  • DeanCain Link
    This week was a slam-bang episode of “Louder With Crowder.”  Firstly, the one and only Dean Cain stops by to discuss his Michael Moore comments. Not only did he [...]
  • Elizabeth Warren
    Today marked the annual March for Life on the Annual Mall in Washington, DC.  Thousands of men, women, and children flocked to DC to take a stand for life and speak for [...]
  • ObamaSOTU Link
    Relaxed and defiant are a few of the adverbs used by the mainstream media to describe the President’s 2015 State of the Union address.  I have some adverbs of my own, [...]
  • MichaelMoore Link2
    Deep down, you know that Michael Moore is a dishonest, gelatinous sack of goo. We all do. Especially in recent light of his comments about American Snipers being [...]


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